Finding a mobile notary after hours can be tricky and  time consuming.

Most establishments offering walk-in notary services which are listed below, tend to observe traditional business hours between 8 am and 6 pm.


For those critical times when a document requires notarization under time pressure, it will be important to either outsource finding a notary to a mobile notary agency or to spend some time searching various mobile notary directories and databases where mobile notaries publish their contact information.

Below is a guideline for the most efficient and cost effective ways to find a mobile notary public when you need one. If your time is limited however, click here or the Book Now button on the top right hand of this page for the simplest and fastest solution. A screened, professional and qualified notary can be at your doorstep without you having to make a single call!

The UPS Store, Postal Annex and other mailbox Stores

Most people seeking notary public services are unaware that the majority of individually owned UPS Store locations have a notary available on a walk-in basis until they close their doors at 6.30pm.

These stores are very convenient notarization options because no appointment is necessary and there is a location in virtually every city in the US excluding sparsely populated regions.

It is important to note that The UPS Store’s largest competitor FedEx Office/Kinkos no longer offers notary services after they were hit with a lawsuit some years ago.

If your notarization needs meet the requirement below, then a mailbox outlet such The UPS Store or Postal Annex is typically  the least expensive way to have your signature witnessed by a notary public.

  • Mobile notary service is not required,
  • The signer has valid identification which is typically a driver license, state issued identification card or passport,
  • The document is in English,
  • The document contains the proper notary verbiage and just requires a notary seal.

Aside from other fees (such as for travel or time accommodation) agreed upon before the appointment, the fees to witness a signature will vary across the country.

Per signature fees can be as low as $1 in states like Illinois and Ohio to a maximum of $10 in states where notary fees are regulated by the state government.

A few states such as Alaska, Louisiana, Kansas and Maine do not limit what a mobile notary may charge to witness a signature.

mobile notary standing in line

The downsides to visiting a mailbox store for notarization are as follows:

  • You might have to wait in line when its busy since the notary might be the only staff member working that particular shift. During peak hours, in a thinly staffed store, this can mean an hour or longer.
  • For liability reasons, the notary who is working that shift might decline to notarize documents written in a foreign language or which lack a valid notary verbiage/certificate for the state you are located in.
  • There might be a potential privacy concern when dealing with sensitive documents because the notarization ceremony will take place right on the on the counter-top with staff or other customers present. 

For the above reason, a mailbox store may be unsuitable for documents which might require copy certification such as copies of official records or those that are meant to be used in a different state or country and require Apostilles.

Additionally, if the signer lacks proper identification it might be difficult or inconvenient to use alternative methods of identification such as a credible witness or two depending on the state laws.


Most major and small banks will provide free notary services free of charge for documents related a transaction between the bank and a customer.

As a courtesy, some banks will also help with certain common notarized documents such as powers of attorney, deeds and other documents which come with a pre-printed standard notarization certificate known as an acknowledgment or jurat.

How to find a mobile notary

Banks can be hit or miss

However if the document is outside their scope of familiarity, most staff notaries or their supervisors will most likely decline to provide the service even if the requester holds an account at the branch.

This avenue is not recommended if your matter is time sensitive because documents are evaluated on a case by case basis. 


Online Mobile Notary Directories

 There are few online notary public directories which provide contact information along with useful information such as availability and a menu of services provided.

These sites vary in accuracy and ease of use. A quick review of the most popular directories is provided below.

This is the best place to locate mobile notaries quickly and search their profiles based on specific criteria such as willingness to travel to hospitals or jails.

One of the first online mobile notary directories created dating back almost 10 years,  this is definitely  a great place to start your search if a UPS Store or bank will not suit your specific purpose.  

The information on is well-organized, easy to search and is updated frequently.

If you are unable to find a mobile notary quickly on 123notary then a quick search on might be helpful.

While not as robust or as comprehensive as, this site has a good number of mobile notaries who might not be on Searching this site might take a bit more effort because you have to click on each notary’s profile just to see their phone number.
mobile notary after hours - Notary Rotary

Because it is primarily a tool for mobile notaries and the companies who recruit them, there is a restricted number of profile views available.You will have to sign up as an  agency if the maximum is reached.

At this point, if you have limited time you might want to move on to a faster approach below.

If you still haven’t found a mobile notary who can handle your unique request, then you might want to keep searching on

This site is not as intuitive to navigate as the other two but it might help you find a mobile notary who is available exactly when you need them.

For the busy professional or even a private individual with a deadline looming close, it might be prudent to pay a slight premium  to secure a satisfaction-guaranteed mobile notary appointment within 2 hours or less from Expedited Apostille ServiceYour order may be placed with just one phone call or by submitting a request online.

This option is especially useful if your document does not fit traditional notarization criteria of if you would like to get timely answers to your questions from a reliable source.

With a hotline monitored by notarization experts 24/7, will be able to determine the best way to approach your specific situation and connect you with the right mobile notary.

As a dedicated full-service mobile notary agency they take the guesswork out of finding a reliable and reputable mobile notary when you need one within tight time constraints. Their deep industry expertise also means that you will be getting expert guidance on how to navigate the potential hiccups that could jeopardize your sensitive transaction.

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