Remote Hire I-9 Verification Options

The USCIS allows any willing adult to review employee ID as an “Authorized Agent” and sign page 2 of the I-9.

Notaries are highly recommended because they are trustworthy, unbiased third parties who are usually willing to serve as an Authorized Agent.

Remote Employee self-sourcing a verifier

Time consuming and emotionally draining

Decision Fatigue

Employee has to ping his own network/research notaries and alternatives verifiers which can take up to a week.

Risk of Losing Candidate

Delays in I-9 verification could result in losing a candidate to a competitive offer in today’s heated talent marketplace.

Tarnished Brand Experience

Friction experienced during I-9 pre-boarding can spill over to an employee’s critical initial 30 day outlook on their new job.

Candidates in Rural Areas

Candidates might need to travel significant distances to meet third party verification agent.

managing I-9 verification in-house also not ideal

Lack of Authorized Agent Audit Trail

We have legally binding contracts as the corporate Authorized Agent of record which extends to our notary contractors.

Scheduling Logistics Hassles

Our back-office team seamlessly handles document collection, FAQs, appointment setting and any changes as needed.

Trustworthy Verifiers Hard to Find

Our network includes over 10,000 vetted notaries nationwide and trusted agents (CA & TX) who are highly experienced with I-9s.

Accuracy Related Fines Risk

Our software-enabled back-office pre-populates perfect I-9s and preps agents to ensure error-free I-9 execution.

I-9 Marketplace

With a focus on logistics and THE best Remote Agents, satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Electronic I-9 Pre-population
Instant booking of I-9 Appointments
Concierge visit to employee location
24/7 Customer Hotline
Wet Signature I-9 Process

TheBestNotary is a comprehensive solution which can scale along with your business.
We take care of ALL the human-intensive aspects of the remote I-9 process so your
HR team can focus on sourcing and hiring great candidates.

our best-in-class concierge solution

Software Focus vs Human Focus

The Best Notary

We help engage your new hires and increase productivity while ensuring I-9 compliance.

you're team and employees are in great company

Other I-9 Companies

Typically focused on software, the employee experience is an after thought.

A complex software integration is required. The process can be drawn-out and costly.

Require new hires to travel to a location that might be inconvenient and with limited hours.

Authorized Agent scheduling logistics are minimal. Your team ends up coordinating appointments.

TBN Vetting Process Since 2010


Review notary’s profile on various source directories to check for experience, professionalism and attention to detail.


Interview notary by Zoom to verify skill level and customer service, conflict resolution skills.


Verify notary references and background check status (Most states require a background check upon certification).


Send notary on a small assignment and collect feedback on punctuality and reliability. The vast majority of our 10,000+ vendors are in this category.

The Foundation of Our Business Is Relationships

Debra Mighty, New York, NY
Notary with TBN 2012 – Present

Tin Shing Chao, Honolulu, HI
TBN Notary Network recruit 2021

Proposed TBN Workflow High Level

Stage 1

Hire Date

HR sends new hire info to TBN

Stage 2

Employee Contacted

TBN confirms meeting location and an appointment within compliant dates typically on Monday (start date) or Tuesday.

Stage 3


Agent is retained.
ID Documents are collected from new hire.

Stage 4

Confirmation sent to HR

HR is notified once Notary/Agent has been confirmed.

Stage 5


TBN pre-fills I-9 and coordinates appointment with logistical support.

Final Stage

Quality Control

HR audits signed I-9s and TBN handles any corrections.

day of Document Inspection

Pricing packages

Simple Nationwide Pricing

Simple Nationwide Pricing

Access our services on-demand noticeor in bulk as necessary.

Starter Package (5 Appts)

Concierge Home Visits

Enterprise Volume Discount

Customized Quote
Deepest Discounts

I-9 Verification Packages

I-9 Verification Packages

Number of appointments
Price per appointment
Package Price


Number of appointments 100
Price per appointment $279
Package Price 100


Number of appointments 200
Price per appointment $259
Package Price 200


Number of appointments 500
Price per appointment $229
Package Price 200

Fully loaded Outsourced I-9s as low as $159 per new hire with 12-48 month contract.

frequently asked questions

Your team can pick up a trial starter package of 5 appointments at $199 each ($995 total) to test out our service before picking a standard prepaid package with discounts based on volume. 

Based on recent guidance from the USCIS, companies which meet the 4 requirements below can verify new hires through video starting August 1st. The employer must have: 

1. Performed remote examination of an employee’s documents between March 20, 2020, and July 31, 2023;

2. Been enrolled in E-Verify at the time they completed the Form I-9 for that employee;

3. Created a case in E-Verify for that employee (except for reverification); and

4. Must be currently enrolled in and continue to participate in E-Verify.

Going forward after the end of the temporary flexibilities, employers who are using E-Verify can use  video means to remotely review new hire eligibility documents as of 8/1/2023.  

Yes we can serve as  your E-Verify Employer Agent and manage your E-Verify cases for an additional fee.

Yes we can perform verifications on your team’s behalf in all 50 US states and overseas territories. 

Yes we can handle both sections of the I-9 on your behalf. We have an electronic signature process that keeps all your employee data safe on our SOC-2compliant platform for the duration of the verification. Your team can set a retention period and we will promptly purge all the PII automatically upon its expiration. We are also happy to help you with paper I-9s for an additional cost. 

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