Delivering Value Since 2007

Since the beginning,we have always
been focused on becoming a trusted
national brand providing a dependable,
high quality solution when
notarization is required within
tight deadlines or outside
traditional business hours.


Notary appointments fulfilled since 2010


Vetted notaries in our database across all 50 states


Five Star Reviews on Yelp

Upward Bound

We have steadily grown from a small local team based in San Mateo, California to a diverse battalion of top-tier, battle-tested notaries in all 50 states. We are united by our dedication to unparalleled customer satisfaction, professionalism and a shared embrace of technology as a way to facilitate smoother notarization.

The Way Forward

As notarization continues to evolve in this rapidly shifting global economy, we will meet the challenges ahead with agility and innovation as we redefine what it means to be the mobile notary industry leader.