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Electronic signature via RON on other documents

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One stop shop for all your EP signing needs. 

Thorough Quality Review

Extensive quality assurance of names, dates, addresses and key data. We got you.

Document Recording

We process county recording fees and handle all rejections on your behalf.

Vetted Witnesses

We can provide a second witness in addition to the notary in-person or remotely.

Delight Your Clients

Customize client experience 100%. Paper weight and brightness. Calls, emails or texts. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Flexibility and Convenience

Meetings can be arranged in-person or remotely at a date and time of your client's choosing.

Binder Portfolios

We can assemble binders using your materials or ours and ship to your clients via FedEx with a signature requirement.

Remote Online Notarization Provides Peace of Mind & Convenience

1. RON notarized deeds can be immediately filed electronically with most counties.

2. Secure, verified PDF with digital audit trail & verifiable electronic signatures.

3. Video recording of the
notarization stored indefinitely.

A Brief History of Remote Online Notarization

RON made its debut in the state of Virginia in 2011. Over the past decade, RON has been adopted by more than 40 US states.

Thanks to state legislature governing notarizations performed out of state, it is possible for a RON notarized document to be accepted in a state that has not yet allowed online notarization. 

It’s confusing, it’s complicated, and we’ve created the solution for you all the way through to deed recording.

Your Estate Plans are Safe with TheBestNotary

Video recording to document notary transaction forever

To demonstrate that the document was signed by an alert and willing signer.

Three sets of notarized documents provided

1. Individual files to submit as needed
2. Secure file with IP audit trail
3. Complete estate plan package

Comprehensive document review pre-signing

We review every word across every page before your client signs

Available Nationwide.

Despite our California focus, our network is nationwide. Please contact us to discuss. 

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All of our top-tier notaries are vetted for great customer service, patience and tech skills.

We have a robust network of trusted notaries across the entire 50 United States including Guam and Puerto Rico.

Andrea Ford

Andrea is our VA based remote online notary who also doubles up as our project manager. She’s a dedicated military spouse and mom who enjoys working from home and playing piano.
Andrea Ford

John Roach

John is our in-house notary based in our San Mateo, CA HQ and has a background in surveying and drafting. In addition to providing excellent mobile notary services John preps documents for signing and assembles client binders.
John Roach

Eve Grumish

Eve is based in San Francisco and has a background in the biotech industry. She has extensive experience in all types of notarizations and has a laser focus for detail.
Eve Grumish


Pricing will vary depending on volume and specific configurations based on the scope of services required. Please schedule a consultation using the link below.
California Civil Code Section 1189[b] states that notarizations completed lawfully in other states are valid in California. We can arrange appointments through our notaries in states like Virginia, Texas and Nevada who are allowed to notarize out of state signers who might be anywhere in the world.
Therefore, the signer can be in California while the notary is sitting in any of the 40 states which allows their notaries to provide Remote Online Notarization (RON).
Because every state has its own notary rules, the California thumbprint requirement for deeds and powers of attorney is not applicable when documents are notarized through RON with an out of state notary.
When using RON, there are far more advanced digital identification methods such as KBA (Knowledge Based Authentication) and credential analysis (a scan of an ID to prove its validity). There is also a video recording of the entire session which adds an even stronger layer of security to the validity of the notarization.
We have verified acceptance of our RON deeds in every California county through either successful recordings or direct communication with document examiners.
This includes counties which have not yet transitioned to electronic recording. In some cases a hybrid signing might be required (a wet signature on the grant deed).
Yes. It is possible to print out RON notary certificates (after a RON appointment) acknowledgments or jurats and add them to the wet signed copies.
The acceptance of this “hybrid” option will depend on the person or organization receiving your notarized documents.
Yes! Your signer or anyone else you request can receive a text message with a link to the notary’s real time location on a map just like Uber or Lyft 🙂
Yes, most states do not yet allow wills to be signed electronically. That said, the pandemic has led to some flexibility depending on the circumstances and what constitutes “clear and convincing evidence” that a will was executed by the testator. Some attorneys are using specific language and affidavits to help their clients sign wills and their entire estate plans remotely so they can avoid the potentially life-threatening risks of in-person signings. Trust and estate litigators have indicated that it is exceedingly rare for a will to be inadmissible in court because of a procedural element in how it was signed thanks to the “harmless error” doctrine accepted by most courts around the US. If in doubt simply request an in-person signing and let us know if you need an extra witness. We got you!
We are happy to confirm that the answer is a resounding “YES”! Since 2020, when we started to providing RON services to estate planners across California, we have not had a SINGLE situation where an institution has rejected a notarized document because there wasn’t an ink-signed “original”. This is true for the hundreds of documents we have notarized ranging from Certifications of Trust to Durable Powers of Attorney and Advanced Healthcare Directives.
The law is very clear. If a signature on a document is a lawfully notarized by a properly credentialed notary in any of the 50 US states, then it is acceptable in any other US state. This is true whether the document is notarized in-person (paper signature) or through video (electronic signature). US states have been accepting “out of state” notarizations since 1896!
Check out this article for more specifics on the evolution of notary laws. If you have any more questions reach out via the form and we’ll get back to you with a custom answer.

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Over the past decade, we have painstakingly built an incredible global team across 5 continents. This time difference advantage guarantees phone and email support around the clock to ensure your client's estate planning signing experience is pleasant, streamlined and stress free. Please do you own research in your local jurisdiction as the information provided on this website is for reference only and does not constitute legal advice in any way shape or form.

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